Trembling Footsteps | Introductory Blog

              ‘Trembling Footsteps’ is a poetic reflection of the emotional turmoil we face every day when we get down into the battlefield waging the war none different than one fought the day before, with our swords guarding our torso, shields backing them with dignity untrue. 

              The war is won, and the war is lost. But it’s not the war that is remembered, it’s the scars you take home. Unwind the mysteries that lie within. What unfolds when the guards are down? Has every thing ever felt been reciprocated? Would you rather continue feeding the fire of conflict against yourself? Or would you cherish the idea of long awaited peace? 

              Stumbling over rocks, tripping over mistakes, witnessing the infinte shimmers and putting constellations to art, all of us fall so we learn to pick ourselves up. All of us have believed to witness betrayal. All of us have lost influence over our trembling footsteps only to gain control again. 


3 thoughts on “Trembling Footsteps | Introductory Blog

  1. A short example or something inspired by anything may be nature or things happened with you could have brought in more feel . This is how I feel otherwise it’s nice you are writing. Keep going. All the best


  2. An example related to this inspired from nature or real life would have brought more feel or could have better connected with the reader. This is how I feel.. otherwise it’s nice you are writing. All the best.


    1. This was just an introductory blog, Akash. We’ll soon be uploading some of our poetry which is what the website under the name ‘Trembling Footsteps’ is about. Consider this an excerpt article that reflected our poems in a microscopic way. Nevertheless, your insight and advice is much appreciated. I hope you like our next blog post.


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