How I wish those times back,                   The times we were just a handful, yet whole; A being so simple, the dusk’s first twinkle, Mere jingles would light up our purest souls.

Eight annas- it would be, for the magical beans,

Companions residing in the trinkets of play,

For happiness cost but a sweet little candy;

And sadness stood just a broken toy away.

Imbeciles, yet the brightest of all,

Too young to care of who thought what;

And here we stand, years passed by,

As we once again yearn, to learn it all.

Witness the serenity, falling apart;

For seldom we treasured, the simplest of arts;

A divine presence of alluring essence,

Golden at heart, miles apart, Innocence.

                        Have you ever reminisced about the times when you were just the size of a duffle bag? Or the time when you worked out the fact that butterflies were to be chased? When being happy was the easiest thing you knew? Beautiful women would get in line to entertain you and on the days that were lucky, you might even score a kiss or two. These were the times when you wouldn’t mind running around in the house naked because little did you care what the world thought of  you. I am sure all of you remember crying the crocodile’s tears just to get some attention. Such an irritating mess we were at times.

                       Happiness wasn’t something you had to thrive and struggle for. Sadness only lasted as long as the time it took to buy you a candy. We never failed to appreciate the little things. Not even the gestures as small as the jingles of the keys your dad would soulfully perform as if he were a clown. Reason and logic were always kept at the bay. Sometimes, you would end up laughing looking at yourself in the mirror. All of this links you back to the one thing we failed to appreciate at the right time and the correct moment. One part of ourselves, which we couldn’t let go of even if we wanted to back then and cannot seem to achieve it now, no matter how hard we try. Innocence.

For seldom have we treasured what’s ours and often have we lost it chasing others’.


16 thoughts on “Innocence

  1. “For seldom have we treasured what’s ours and often have we lost it chasing others “- this line perfectly sums up most of our lives…..❤️❤️
    Great choice of words Dude…. 👏✍️

    Liked by 1 person

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