Nineteen Years Young 

It’s all dark, dark but not quiet;

Is that a woman? Screaming in spite?

Unable to move, unable to stir,

Who is that I could only partially hear?

Before I could decipher the riddle that’s her,

I sense a motion, as if meant to occur;

Pulling me from or bringing me to the voice?

I heard less and then more, the same noise.

I scuffled, to open the lids shut hard,

And now as I could, off rode the dark.

I could see the vague man, as he held me to pry;

I gasped for my breath as I started to cry.

Next, being handled to a woman in care,

She brushed me with a cloth, she groomed my hair;

Wrapped like a caterpillar, I was ready for my bearer;

Everything just got a whole lot better.

The next shift that took, left me in awe,

Bestowed upon a deity disguised by law;

And as she enveloped me in her warm, cozy arms;

I saw the most beautiful smile, the most beautiful charm.

And thus struck quiet, and thus left dark,

The chamber whole enclosed in magical calm –

Thirty of twenty four, then twelve of those,

After each such cycle, the same day arose;

Nineteen is the count, but still the same to her heart;

Didn’t she raise quite the bard?        



                You are the confused little miracle that has just been sorcerered into this world desperate for charms and wonders. A being so simple and innocent, bewildered, astounded at his ability to see for the first time. Unfolding those petal-like lids, uncovering the beady eyed toddler you are, coughing, crying to clear out your systems so you can breathe as an entity on its own.


               Through with that, you soon end up entangled in the secure, soothing arms of your mother. Astonished, awestruck, you sense the presence of life enter your soul as your eyes twinkle at the look of the world that has been bestowed upon you. Marvelled at the look of eyes your mother possesses, the look you’ve witnessed this once, and will continue to do so for the rest of your life, in this being that holds you more dear against the most exotic treasures that this world has to offer. She rests her eyes on the most amazing spell she has conjured to life, as if you and olny you comprise her universe. And you find your life’s first true emotion, strongest of all, more fierce than its existence itself. Unconditional, unpolluted, driven by no lust, Love.

I solved my puzzle, did you put together the pieces of yours?


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