From Dusk to Dawn | Constellations

And here I am, at quarter to six;

On my back, against all quack;

Finding it difficult to keep track.

The night was young, too peaceful, almost outcast;

Looking for company, it wasn’t to last;

Abandoned, in mind;

My fate gaized at me, giggling inside, as such cruelty left me aghast.

With a hole in my heart, I beared it to the dark;

An usual companion, feeding on me, yet I was happy to abide.

The soul to my body, the warmth to my cold, the solace were the stars, that brought the dark.

Counting the shimmers, from brighter to dimmer, tearing apart, yet eager to start.

And as I complete a thought, a constellation to art;

Scribbling my part, in the sea so alluring and vast.

And then the dawn transpired, as the first light broke;

Letting go, tearing through my veins, off the dark rode…

And here I am, at quarter to six;

On my back, against all quack;

Finding it difficult to keep track.

                   Do you stargaze? Have you ever for once in your life just layed back on a dewy grass bed and looked up at the stars? Have you ever just phased out for a while keeping all the worldly customaries and mandatories at bay?

                  The moment you lie down and take a halt, the earth below with its green kins forms a cushion for you, with just the right amount of soft and hard, much like the yin and yang. You immediately experience a sensation of cool which calms your soul spreading through your back to the base of your heavy mind. The earth wraps you up as one of your own and for that short span of watch, you are one with the soil and grass and all it’s friends and foes. You aren’t just laying down on the star, you become it. You aren’t just looking at someone’s masterpiece anymore. You are a part of it. Forming a constellation, giving it its final edge. The final stroke.

                 The next blink of an eye you realize that you aren’t looking up anymore, you are now amongst the stars you were gazing at, in awe. And there you are in a world so much bigger than your former one. If I said you could feel all this, would you be able to resist falling in love with this alluring divinity? 

                And thus you’ll find yourself at quarter to six, having no clue of how the watch turned so quick and it’s already quarter to six. As you lie, on your back, against all quack, finding it difficult to keep track.

“Don’t just witness the masterpiece, become it. “

                 – Somesh Sidhwani


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